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Frequently Asked Questions about a tour:

What happens during a tour?

An admissions representative will show you around campus and talk to you about our unique tuition model, start dates and class times. Make sure to write down all of your questions so we can be sure to answer EVERYTHING!

What should I bring?

Most importantly, someone you trust to help you decide if we’re right for each other (a parent, spouse or friend!). Also, something to write with, your identification and a completed application. (We can always fill this out when you get here–it’s not binding!)

What questions should I ask at any school I tour?

1. What will be taught?
Hint: If the school suggests they don’t teach skills that aren’t on the State Board exam, be prepared for a boring time in class! We’re partnered with lots of fun brands like Wella, OPI, Temptu, and Beauty as a Business that ensure a fun and professional time!
2. Are you licensed by the state?
This is particularly important if you’re touring a school that indeed offers things above and beyond what the state requires. State Board is only a starting point, but it’s essential to getting a license!
3. What do you offer that other schools don’t?
Take a look at our continuing education classes. While state board can assure the public of safety in a salon or barber shop, they can’t assess skill. We teach real skills to make real money in the real world.
4. What are the payment options?
While financial aid can help some people, remember that LOANS need to be repaid. According to, student loan debt is the second largest slice of household debt after mortgages and is bigger than credit card debt. Even with an income-driven repayment plan, you could be paying off that debt for up to 25 years. Choose carefully.
5.Where can our programs take you?
Our admissions team can easily tell you multiple career paths for whichever program you’re considering. It’s clear we love the salon and barber industry as much as you do!
6. Who will be teaching me? Our teaching team is comprised of not only former service providers but also former salon and barbershop owners, Distributor Sales Consultants, platform artists and even educators for national brands like Matrix and Rusk.

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