Foundational skills and
hands-on experience

You want to work on men and you want to be licensed quickly. Until now, there wasn’t a program in the Triad that addressed both of those needs! Be an Aisling graduate; don’t compete with one!

Areas of study:
Clipper Cutting
Men’s Styling and Finishing Techniques
Facial Shaving
Moustache and Beard Design
Facial Massage and Scalp Treatment
Job Readiness (Including resume writing and interviewing)
The Business of Men’s Grooming

Courses Include:
History of Men’s Grooming
Anatomy, Physiology, Bacteriology
Trichology and Chemistry
State Board Preparation
Social Media Marketing

Our unique Men’s Grooming Apprenticeship Program focuses on refining your professional image with product knowledge and a complete social media marketing curriculum. Our students also become well-versed in shop management, including sanitation and licensing laws.

If you choose this program, first you’ll build your skills in our real-world student clinic, then you’ll hone those skills in a paid role under a seasoned professional. You can start earning a living with your amazing new career in as little as 7 months!

Benefits to the
Apprenticeship Program

What are the benefits of an apprentice program?

It’s more affordable! A shorter program means less tuition
It provides hands-on experience! You’ll get real-world training learning real-world lessons from real-world situations in a real-world shop!
It builds long-term relationships. The mentors you work with in the post-grad setting can help you throughout your career and can even inspire you to give back to others later in your career!
It looks good to future employers. Those who hope to hire solidly-trained employees know that having worked in a real haircutting environment increases the likelihood that an applicant has enhanced their school training.

When do classes start?

Next Start Date: 01/11/2024

We suggest that all students visit our school for a tour. It’s your chance to learn about our programs, financial aid, and more! Use the scheduler below to book your beauty school tour!

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How long is the apprentice program?

Program Length: 1,200 hours
Full Time Hybrid Schedule: 30 weeks

What will my class schedule be like?

8 flex hours on Monday
8:30 AM – 5 PM Tuesday – Friday

How much is the apprentice program?

Registration Fee: $100
Tuition: $8,300
Books & kit (educational materials): $1,400
Total: $9,800
Payment Plan: $100 at registration
Educational materials due 60 days before class starts
$276.67 due first day of class
$276.67 weekly payments for 29 weeks with a final payment of 276.57 due each Friday until paid in full


Successful completion of this diploma program will give a student 1200 hours of cosmetology training and allow the student to sit for the the NCCAE Apprenticeship license examination. Passing the written and practical exam will allow the student to receive an apprenticeship license,which in turn, will allow the student to work under a licensed professional to complete his or her training and earn a full license.

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