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Please check back often as we are continuously adding new classes that are relevant to our students and alumni. Our advanced training is designed to give you additional skills that employers are seeking and the opportunity to grow personally.

All classes are approved for NC State Board continuing education (CEU) credit (except State Board Prep and Cosmetology Refresher class).

These classes are provided by an independent company in our classrooms on the weekends! It’s just another way we’re different and better! Keep checking back for updates!

We suggest that all students visit our school for a tour. It’s your chance to learn about our programs, financial aid, and more! Use the scheduler below to book your beauty school tour!

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NC State Board Preparation for Cosmetologists

Instructor: TBD

This 4 hour class includes a copy of the actual state board exam as well as preparation on every service required during testing and perhaps most importantly, sanctuary codes and kit preparation. Kits including every item needed for examination in the state of North Carolina, prepared and pre-packaged, are available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

Lash Extensions

Instructor: TBD

Our hands-on training course is designed to certify you in the art of eyelash extensions. The Eyelash Training course covers important aspects needed become a successful lash artist including lash anatomy, health and sanitation guidelines, eyelash application and aftercare practices. Please see state guidelines for licensing requirements.

Strategic Color Placement

Instructor: TBD

Learn advanced techniques centered on sectioning, placement, tool & mixing, foiling, balayage, glossing and more. Perfect introduction for those who have been working in salons or barbershops that specialize in cutting and who now want to go out on their own in full-service places!

Color Correction 101

Instructor: TBD

Explore the genius that makes you a colorist! Combine art and science to enhance your color art and increase your color business. This course is not brand specific. We’ll show you how things like proper preparation and the right tools and products can help you manage even the most complex hair color challenges!

Platinum Card Technique

Instructor: TBD

The Platinum Card hair lightening technique has been beautifying blondes and vibrant fashion-forward colors for decades. Start with a strong understanding of lightener and the learn the control required for a successful service. This is the cleanest, quickest and healthiest approach to blonding in the industry.

An Introduction to Tape In Extensions

Instructor: TBD

Tape-in extensions are an easy, timesaving solution for a variety of client needs—dramatic transformations, color-sensitive, fine or thinning hair—plus they’re a total moneymaker behind the chair! But if your goal is to offer more in-salon extension services, the first step is proving to clients that you’re an expert. This class starts students on that road with real life skills in how to price extensions, maintenance, and how to customize every service. It ends with a certificate!

Blow Drys that Build Your Book

Instructor: TBD

This class covers all the basics in the art of the professional round-brush blowout, from consultation, hair type assessment, shampoo techniques, product selection, tool selection, and the technical approach to blowouts. This class is a hands on course that also covers advanced customer service coaching and hot tool styling finishing techniques.

Photography for the Salon and Barbershop

Instructor: TBD

Taught by an experienced photographer, learn all the secrets of the trade! This class focuses on lighting, angles, backgrounds and editing as well as equipment and especially suggestions on when to hire a professional! Learn how to master this skill to catapult your career!

Shear Selection and Maintenance

Instructor: TBD

Save money when you know simple tips for maintaining shears and clipper blades. Meet our award-winning guest artist sharpener known for a knowledge of the hair shears. Learn how simple correct tool adjustments and properly sized shears can make your cutting crisper and smoother with edges that last longer. Gain a better understanding of why shear selection is crucial to your income and creativity. Bring your shears to class to get the most benefit as you practice some of the tips demonstrated. This class is for every salon owner, instructor, stylist and barber.

Spray Tanning 101

Instructor: TBD

This class incorporates an intro to sunless tanning. We teach the art of color in spray tanning and the art of spray tanning as well as product selection and maintenance of your equipment. As an authorized distributor of Norvell Sunless Tanning, graduates of this class are eligible to order the full selection of products and equipment from Norvell at a discount.

LED Therapy in the Salon

Instructor: TBD

Discover the science behind LED therapy and what an effective treatment looks like. How can increasing dosage and properly preparing the skin lead to significantly better results? Receive step-by-step protocols on how to use LED light therapy by itself and with other popular modalities. Learn the basics of light therapy and the latest in improving your results.

Maximize Your Service Menu with Lash & Brow Services

Instructor: TBD

Lash lifting and tinting is a low maintenance, low cost service that enhances natural lashes for up to 6 weeks! This class provides detailed instruction and demonstration for how to perform the services. After completion of the training, students become experts and receive a certificate of completion.

Airbrush Makeup

Instructor: TBD

Discover how you can add revenue to any salon business. Explore ways to incorporate airbrush services into your existing menu and to market these highly visual, Instagrammable services to your customer base!

Barbering Skills for the Cosmetologist

Instructor: TBD

Men’s cuts and styles are the fastest growing sector of the salon industry. Learn a blend of old-school barber techniques (like fading, tapering, blending and clipper over comb) and up to the minute execution skills. Learn the secret to blending, problem hairlines and how to perfect a neckline. Hone your skills to compete and excel in the world of men’s grooming.

Audit Proofing Your Salon or Barbershop

Instructor: TBD

Come and hear our trusted tax advisor tell you how you can avoid a visit from the IRS! (Did you know they recently released a study that says they know about the $523 Billion of tip income that isn’t being reported?!) You know they’ll be strengthening audits to caption a portion of that! It’s not a matter of IF you’ll be audited, it’s WHEN. Let us help you get peace of mind.

Tax Laws and the Personal Grooming Industry

Instructor: TBD

The IRS is constantly changing the rules and laws that impact salon, spa and barbershop owners. They change how taxable income is determined and they change deductions and exemptions…Learn how to keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket!

Platform Artistry

Instructor: TBD

So you want to be a platform artist? What do you need to know? Who do you need to know? Come and learn what it takes to be the best at the show! We’ll discuss utilizing existing connections and talk about secrets to marketing and the sales of products as well as attendee engagement and using better verbiage! This is the perfect launch pad to marketing yourself to major companies!

Revenue Through Retail

Instructor: TBD

Have online purchases stolen some of your retail sales? Take your income back! Learn how to confidently engage a salon or barbershop client with sales scripts that aren’t scary or pushy! Take the fear out of offering your professional advice about the products you use by just changing your words! The front desk, the service provider team, and the leadership team at your salon, spa or barber business will take home words and scripts that will immediately change how guests purchase, how the team interacts and will ultimately increase the revenue of the salon.

Client Retention Strategies

Instructor: TBD

If you want to be remembered, you have to do something memorable! We explore the 5 main areas that determine a guest’s first impression and decide whether they’ll return for a future visit! This is all about simple strategies that bring in serious revenue!

Financial Success for the Personal Grooming Professional

Instructor: TBD

Finally! An understanding of all things not taught in beauty-school! Our financial planner guest demonstrator knows that it’s easy to grow broke by making financial decisions based on incomplete data. We’ll teach you about balance sheets, profit and loss statements, a statement of cash flows and how to create a cash flow projection. Building a healthy business should be the primary goal of all service providers. Let us show you how!

Brand Yourself

Instructor: TBD

Are people talking about you? People can’t buy from you if they don’t know what you’re selling. Are you ready to stand out? What does your brand say about you? Who is your target market audience and how do you get their attention? Learn how to make a large impact on your brand and build your name in the industry.

Dream Blueprint for Social Media

Instructor: TBD

Do you wonder what it takes to turn Instagram likes into income? Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for promoting a beauty or barbering business like yours. This class is packed with strategies for bringing online fans into your salon or barbershop and tips for promoting your services on social media, as well as ways to engage with your audience both online and in the shop. This class teaches how to turn fans into finances, convert online connections to real clients and more.

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