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We know there are a lot of options for hair school and your time is precious. If you’re looking for fun and relevant education that will create your dream career, the first steps should be the easiest. Start with the application here.

We suggest that all students visit our school for a tour. It’s your chance to learn about our programs, financial aid, and more! Use the scheduler below to book your beauty school tour!

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1. Meet Application Requirements

It’s pretty simple: we expect the highest level of professionalism and a desire to learn impeccable customer service. While we prefer you have a high school diploma or GED, we have other options for people who fit this description but are missing that piece. Please don’t let that keep you from moving to step two!

2. Meet with an Admissions Representative

You must meet with us in person to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Once we’ve received an application (available here or after you arrive at the campus). Next, you can expect someone from our team to contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss our classes and your career goals. Once we’re sure we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll finish the third step! CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH SOMEONE ON CAMPUS!

3. Submit an Application Packet

Our admissions team will talk to you about class start dates and curriculums and expectations. Finally! The last step to watching your career come to life is the submission of your application. Then you can make solid plans to elevate your education with a concrete start date and a roadmap. We’ll be looking for the drive we discussed in step one, a signed enrollment contract and a small application fee to secure your place!

Once your completed application is received by the Admissions Department, you will receive an email or text to schedule your interview.

By submitting this application, I authorize Aisling Institute and its affiliates to make whatever credit inquiries it deems necessary in connection with this application and in the course of review or collection of any credit extended in reliance on this application. I authorize and instruct any person or consumer reporting agency to furnish Aisling Institute any information that it may have or obtain in response to such inquiries and agree that such information, along with this application, shall remain Aisling Institute’s property, whether admissions is attained or not. All information set forth in this application is declared to be a true representation of the facts made for the purposes of attending school at Aisling Institute and willful misrepresentation in this application may result in criminal action. Aisling and its affiliates may share credit and other information about you with each other for marketing and administration purposes. If you do not want information shared about you from this application, you must send us a signed letter with this application.


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