March 30, 2021

Does it matter which school you pick?

Beauty School, Choosing a School

When people are looking for a new beauty school or barbering school, it’s not unusual for industry professionals (hairstylists or barbers) to tell them it doesn’t matter. They cite the reasoning that everyone’s license will be the same at the end of their training no matter which venue they choose. However, there are some marked…

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February 17, 2021

Best Hair Cuts and Styles for Men


All of our online living has prompted a certain degree of unprecedented fashion sense for men. Yeah—it can be hard to feel sorry for them since they brought on things like mullets and man-buns themselves—but there’s a new game in town with training and there’s no need for guy to feel like their choices are either suited for their granddad or is confined to a salon-styled shaggy skater look!

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The Aisling Difference

Beauty School

Not all beauty schools are created equal! While all licensed beauty schools in North Carolina are held by the same basic standards, Aisling goes so far above! Here are 10 reasons to choose Aisling.

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