January 24, 2022

Why Licensed Cosmetic Arts Professionals Should Enroll in Instructor Training

Instructor training is an ideal career move for cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians and nail technicians at any age or stage of their life.


Seasoned professionals are already familiar with the directions their careers can take them: They cut and color hair professionally and some work as freelance artists. Some work for manufacturers like Wella or even international companies like Reuzel. Some do stage work for tool companies like Wahl at major hair shows including Premiere Orlando (our favorite!). There’s always someplace new and fun for your career but Instructor Training is a particularly fulfilling option. This blog details the benefits of attending an instructor course from a licensed cosmetology school!

The Next Professional Step in Your Journey


Regardless of your career goals, it’s natural to look for new opportunities and avenues to enrich your life outside of work.  Cosmetologists and barbers who have spent time working in shops know that its inherent to want to share their perfected skills and mastered craftsmanship with others. Transitioning to education is a practical and nautral decision.


At Aisling Institute, instructors and staff find their own educations rewarding and fulfilling with their own benefits and joyful moments. They know their getting a quality program that will give them the instructional skill they need to be successful in a classroom setting.


The Enriching Role of Teaching


Overall, educators find that there is a level of fulfillment and enrichment from teaching others that you simply can’t get from working alone.  Maggie Phillips, an instructor who attended Aisling’s educator course had this to say in an interview:

“Being an educator is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Helping students progress and watching their struggles and helping them overcome them…helping them build confidence and watching them graduate is so intensely satisfying. I love making connections with students and advising them. I know that so many students fondly recall instructors that helped them on a personal level in a deep and meaningful way. Aisling gave me the tools to be the educator that our students need.”


Practice and Learn Alongside Students


Another reason to enroll in Aisling’s Teacher Training program is that it keeps you on top of industry trends and methods. While the purpose of the course is to prepare you to teach according to the North Carolina State Board, our teacher trainees agree that they learn as much from their students as from their instructors. It’s a practical way to stay connected to the beauty and barbering industries as wholes.


Give Back to Your Community


For many instructors, becoming an educator is their way of giving back to the community that helped build where they are today. Since they were once cosmetology students themselves, it feels like a natural progression to teach students as they were once in their shoes. Often the greatest reason for attending a teacher training course is simply the fulfillment and joy it brings to an educator to enrich lives as their own favorite teachers once did.

Establish a Long and Rewarding Career


Although most people don’t go into teaching for the money and job title, it’s an inherent part of it! Coupled with the emotional fulfillment of teaching, there’s the promise of a steady and rewarding career. Financial success is the natural progression from the sometimes unpredictable rewards of working on clients!


Work With Leading Industry Professionals


As a teacher-trainee at Aisling Institute, you’ll make valuable connections that can guide you professionally and in your personal life. Aisling Institute and its owners have a network of industry professionals who work together and advocate for the success of not only their students, but each other. These networks are great ways to maintain connections to the industry, barbershops and salons and fellow instructors.


Teaching, instructing, and mentoring are valuable and worthwhile career options for licensed cosmetic art professionals. If you’re interested in enrolling in our teacher training program, admissions advisors are standing by to assist you. Contact us today online or call (336) 904-0096 to start the next chapter of your fulfilling career!

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