July 10, 2021

What does Aisling Institute teach?

5 Things You Can Only Learn By Going to the Triad’s Best Cosmetology School.

With the advent of YouTube and other internet platforms, people sometimes think they can learn all they need to know about hairdressing, barbering, skin care and makeup without cosmetology or barbering school.  However, actually attending cosmetology school, not just in the broad sense but at the best area school, gives you access to a wide variety of skills that the internet just can’t provide, and you can’t teach yourself.

  1. If you pick the right school, you’ll get to work with lots of real customers.

Obviously, if you’re trying to teach yourself online, you won’t have access to real customers in a real salon or spa setting. Did you know, though, that North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners passed a law in October 2019 that says you can graduate from a cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring program and never touch a live human being? At Aisling Institute we have a student clinic that mimics a real salon. In addition, you can earn ALL of your tuition there. Call admissions to find out how!


  1. How to Perform Under Pressure

While salons and barbershops can be a super fun place to hang out, actually working in one can be pretty high pressure. Mistakes can take months or even years to grow out. Plus, if you’re a great hairdresser or esthetician, or a badass barber, you can expect to always have a lot of customers waiting for you. That can pressure you to work as quickly as possible. Handling this pressure is a learned experience. Our programs will introduce you to the expectations of a real salon, barbershop or spa and how to handle it in a calculated manner.


  1. The Reality of Long Hours

Working in a salon, spa or barbershop mandates long hours. It’s not a 9-to-5 sit-down job; you’re going to need stamina and the ability to continue handling requests even when you’re very tired. Our programs show you the unique requirements of cosmetology, barbering and skin care therapy. You can’t get this at schools where their clinic is secondary to book work. We balance the expectations of taking the written state board licensing exams with the expectations of the workplace.


  1. How to Work on Different Types of Hair and Skin

Believe it or not, many beauty schools and barber schools only let their students practice on each other. Particularly in the era of COVID-19, local community colleges haven’t yet re-opened their student clinics to the public. In addition, many schools attract only one type of demographic depending on their own location. In the real world, though, the way to make real money is to know how to work with everyone. Don’t blame your inability to do someone’s hair or treat their skin challenges on a lack of education. Aisling Institute’s students and faculty and staff are super diversified. Moreover, with our expanded social media marketing skills (which we also teach in our classes!), we make sure you have the ability to practice on all hair and skin types AND attract a diverse clientele after graduation, giving you an advantage over students from other beauty schools and barber school so you can make real money in the real world!


  1. How to Work with a Team.


We totally know that the current trend in the beauty industry is salon suites and that again, in the COVID-19 era, people are craving privacy.  We also know, though, that to garner the very best skills in cosmetology and barbering, you often need to work with a more skilled hairdresser, esthetician or barber to adapt your solid Aisling skills after graduation. As you work in our busy clinics, you’ll learn how to effectively deal with other people and how to help each other make the most money!




There’s plenty of reasons to go to barber school or cosmetology school. Many of those reasons extend beyond the learning of basic skills, though. If you’re looking to get these benefits and others, call Aisling Institute. Our admissions team is ready to help you learn more about why we are the area’s choice for the grroming arts and we can give you all the information about the things you need to be successful in your program of choice.


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