February 17, 2021

Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following

Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following
Are you looking for tips to grow your beauty or barbering brand on social media? If you’re trying to make your mark, standing out from the competition is essential. While social media can be a very powerful tool, it can be a handicap too if you don’t understand its quirks and powers! Understanding all that can be challenging. Don’t worry, entrepreneurs, we have great tips for how to grow your grooming brand on social media.

Identify your target audience
Once you’ve identified your target audience is (classes at Aisling help you create an avatar so you can personify that audience—call us about that!), it’s easier to develop a social media strategy that works. Ask yourself who is interested in what you have to offer. For example, millennials won’t be interested in prom hair and gentlemen probably won’t care about bridal styles! Tailor your posts to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Pick a platform
Do the research on which social media platform your audience is using and make that your main focus. (Hint: Facebook is more suited to Gen X and Snapchat and YouTube appeal to Gen Z). Again, Aisling is different! We’re the only cosmetic arts school in North Carolina that has partnered with Beauty as a Business (Baab), a brand designed to teach social media skills to grooming and wellness professionals. Not only is Baab our partner, but their curriculum overlays our Pivot Point books so it’s already included in your daily work here! But back to your platform—don’t try to post everywhere—it won’t yield good results. Instead, focus on the ones that seem to work for you. If you do indeed post across multiple platforms, craft your posts differently for each platform for maximum impact.

Post relevant content
If you’re trying to promote a new beauty product, posting personal opinions you feel strongly about may not go over well with your whole audience. Keep it relevant. That doesn’t mean you can’t share a personal story. Just remember these rules of social media for business; one third of your posts should be to promote your business, one third to share ideas from influencers in your industry, and if you do post something personal, make sure it’s not too personal.

Timing is everything
Be sure to post regularly and strategically to keep your audience engaged. Creating a posting calendar and keeping content fresh and current is key. Also consider when to post. Depending on your audience and the platform, it might make sense to post early in the morning or after hours for maximum exposure. Again, Aisling is going to show you!

Learn from your competition
You can get great information and ideas by staying tuned in to what your more successful competitors are doing. Honestly, we’re big believers in “Community over competition.” We’ll show you how to collaborate for best results!

Decide who you are
What is your brand voice? Messaging, voice, and branding are all important factors in your beauty business journey. Everything on your social media page should reflect your voice and brand. Create messaging that consistently aligns with your goals.

Get engaged
Audience engagement is critical when trying to keep your followers interested. Interact by responding to comments, asking/answering questions, or post a survey on a topic that you feel your audience would be interested in. Make it a conversation instead of an advertisement. Followers who feel included, also feel valued and will develop a returning loyalty to you!
The beauty and barbering industries are thriving and robust! Your brand and career should be equally as healthy. Let Aisling help you with your strategy and more importantly, getting licensed! If you’re already licensed, check out our long list of continuing education classes. With a team of dedicated, experienced instructors and programs, Aisling is training the next generation of professionals in the Triad. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour for one of our exciting programs!

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