February 17, 2021

The Aisling Difference

Not all beauty schools are created equal! While all licensed beauty schools in North Carolina are held by the same basic standards, Aisling goes so far above! Here are 10 reasons to choose Aisling.

  1. Aisling’s owners are successful salon professionals themselves and have worked not only in the cosmetology and barbering industries for a combined 50 years, but also continue to stay on top of current styles and techniques through continuing education. They promise to give you the same tools to create a lifelong career in the hair and beauty industry!
  2. Aisling offers real experience! When visiting a beauty school, pay attention to the clients in the student salon. Are students practicing the things you’re hoping to learn? We believe in real world experience to teach real world skills so you can make real money. Our students are often seen practicing advanced techniques including balayage, ombre, keratin treatments and advanced haircutting. If roller sets and perms aren’t your thing, you should pick a school that feels the same!
  3. Aisling teaches business skills. In fact, we are the only school in North Carolina partnered with Beauty as a Business (Baab). This program, integrated through your online textbook, teaches 6 units of social media marketing, including photography for the salon and barbershop and the newest features of platforms like Instagram. We also teach networking, retailing and product knowledge, upgrading tickets and client retention skills so our students can be financially successful in the salon or barbershop!
  4. We offer flexible schedules. We know that it’s not an option for everyone to choose a full-time traditional schedule. We offer flexible times during the day and also evening and weekend class times to accommodate almost everyone!
  5. Aisling’s tuition payment program is different from any other school in the world! We’re confident making that claim. Why get trapped in a lifetime of debt at another school? Not only are we the most advanced, we’re the most affordable.
  6. We’ve partnered with the best brands in the business. We’ve hand curated our partners and they include industry giants like Wella, Sebastian, Alluram, Nioxin, OPI, Pivot Point, Dermalogica, and Reuzel. Each of our partners is co-committed to your success with Aisling!
  7. We offer unique training options. Did you know North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners allows students to enter the workforce at 1200 hours? It’s true! There’s a new licensed apprenticeship program—it means you can be earning wages in a salon in as little as 7 months.
  8. Just like our relationships with all of our partners, our partnership with Pivot Point means you’re getting a contemporary education for today’s competitive market. Yes, you get hard copies of your textbooks—but you also get everything in digital format so you can study and progress wherever you are on any device including your phone, your tablet, or even a desktop! No waiting for teachers to grade papers or the office staff to update your transcript!
  9. Aisling believes in making a small carbon footprint. We seek ways to be sustainable and eco-friendly while instilling social progress in our students by using plant-based products whenever possible, recycling as much waste as possible and even using sinks with specially installed fixtures that keep chemicals out of Kernersville’s water.
  10. Aisling gives its students real world job search skills. We train in resume creation, portfolios, mock interviews and job search strategies. We provide graduates with career counseling to guide their searches!

Choosing a cosmetology school is an important decision that can affect your future career. If you are looking for a school that offers a challenging curriculum, hands-on experience and a friendly and eco-friendly environment, call Aisling institute at 336-515-3347 or start the online application here.

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